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With the release of Infinito - System Management Suite, FBT redefines the concept of monitoring remote control. Entirely developed by the FBT Research and Development team, Infinito is dedicated to next-generation products, such as active speakers, matrix processors, and processed power amplifiers. Infinito uses a TCP/IP protocol over Ethernet infrastructure, based on the open standard AES70 of the OCA Alliance.

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The new experience of networked audio control starts here.
Log in your Reserved Area to download the INFINITO – System Management Suite software 1.0.2.

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Additional flexibility is guaranteed by the innovative graphic interface of Infinito, based on three operating modes:
Each of these is protected by security passwords, to avoid unintentional parameter changes

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The software starts by default in the SETUP modality, the beginning of new

  • Scan and identify the connected devices
  • Connect the devices to their related object in workspace
  • Create and manage the BASIC and ADVANCED groups

The summary panel of the entire system is customizable and it gives the user immediate visual feedbacks. The LIVE feature sends the settings to each device in real time.

  • Full access to all acoustic parameters on any device and group
  • Synch feature applied to every device
  • Create and manage the scenes

Real time monitoring of: internal sensors and status of connected devices, Vu-meters IN/OUT, parameters, groups and alert.

  • Password restrictions to access to devices and group parameters
  • Traacking of each system variable
  • Simplified display mode

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  • Developed for Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11
  • Standardised Ethernet infrastructure (TCP/IP protocol, OCA Alliance’s AES70 standard)
  • Accurate real-time control of all connected device’s parameters 
  • OFFLINE and ONLINE working operation mode (offline projects reduce soundcheck time)


 To receive assistance, give feedbacks or to have any information, please contact

  • Touch-oriented graphical interface
  • Automatic IP address assignement
  • Cascade connection with hardware bypass function