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A Canadian company founded in 1981, Sabian is one of the world’s largest producers of musical cymbals. The history related to the origins of the name is a clear hint to understanding how this reality is connected to attention to detail. Founder Robert Zildjian formulated the word "Sabian" by joining the first two letters of the names of his sons Sally, Billy and Andy. The line up of Sabian cymbals is very large and, in each series, unmistakable emerge, on one hand the style and quality of the sound, on the other the passion and energy of the artisans who contribute to making each product unique.

Sabian creates his own cymbals with the same passion and joy of playing that belong to Drummer. For this reason, Sabian’s ambition is to make his cymbals become an integral part of the musicians. This characteristic is always found in his productions and makes the experience of playing a SABIAN cymbal enveloping and unique.