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Salisbury based Midas Prosound has chosen a 100 per cent FBT system to rock the Lechlade Music Festival, taking place from 27th-29th May in Lechlade, Gloucestershire and we're offering free VIP passes so that you can come and hear for yourself how good it sounds!


FBT, one of the world’s leading names in loudspeaker design and manufacturing, is set to welcome visitors from around the globe to its newly opened demonstration facility, the result of a substantial investment on the part of the company’s owners. The facility is equipped with a full range of FBT’s audio solutions from line arrays to systems for installed sound.


When you’re on a presidential campaign trail, rallying the crowds is all about the details. For Donald Trump, those details include a powerful sound system to carry both his message and the music he likes to pump out before he takes the stage.


Respected DJ Suffers Stroke – Sheer Will, Creativity and FBT Keeps Him Working

When the going gets tough - really tough - a lot of people just quit. This wasn’t the case for respected international DJ and industry consultant Brian S. Redd. When Redd lost the use of his right arm and leg following a stroke at the young age of 39, most people thought his career was over. Thanks to an exceptionally positive attitude, raw determination and stubborn creativity, the Milwaukee-based professional did what everyone said couldn’t be done: He built a streamlined system that he could carry and set up himself, without sacrificing sound quality, and got back to work.


When Broadway casts need a place to rehearse, many of them turn to The New 42nd Street Studios. A state-of-the-art rehearsal studio, office and theater complex, the building has provided rehearsal space for more than 236 Broadway shows since it opened in 2000. It’s no surprise, then, that David Jensen, Director of Production, needed to be discriminating when considering speaker upgrades for eight studios this year. After a thorough search, he chose FBT’s Archon 112’s and 115’s to support the work of some of New York City’s most talented performers.