VAIE 6500

VAIE 6500

Wall-mounted voice evacuation system

At Pro Light + Sound 2016, FBT is announcing its latest VAIE6500 wall-mounted voice evacuation systems for integrated emergency systems. Designed to present a compact but powerful safety solution, the VAIE6500 is fitted with a certified control unit, complying with EN54-16: 2008 / EN54-4. Delivering a total output of 500W, the system is able to monitor and protect between 2 to 6 zones depending on the model.

Designed with a strict adherence to regulations, VAIE6500 wall-mounted voice evacuation systems come in three configurations: the VAIE 6502 for managing 2 zone sites, the VAIE 6504 for 4 zones and the VAIE 6506 for 6 zones. Remote operation is via a network of local controls and remote microphone stations, while the system remains connected to the fire alarm panel. The VAIE6500’s 500W output can be freely distributed between the zones up to a maximum of 250W within a single zone.

Also included is a 4.3” backlit touchscreen, enabling users to select alert and evacuations areas as well as adjust navigation volume levels, monitor the configuration of the system and check for faults. A regulation fireman’s microphone is prominently available on the front panel, though the VAIE6500 can also send out pre-recorded evacuation and alert messages. 


Other features include:

  • Up to 7 monitored inputs, each of which is configurable for the playback or either evacuation or alert messages, programmable for each zone, or for the reset of the messages.
  • 1 auxiliary input for audio sources.
  • 1 VOX input.
  • 3 configurable relay outputs.
  • Dual output (A + B) per zone.
  • A secure front-panel button for operating the emergency system complete with LED indicator
  • Audible fault warnings with reproduced alarm messages.
  • The ability to source either BGM or paging announcements from an auxiliary input or microphone
  • The connection of up to 16 microphone stations
  • The connection of up 4 emergency paging stations
  • The ability to connect up to 6 further VAIE 6500 systems
  • Industry-standard 19” rack-mounting format


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