FBT at the Church of the Purification

FBT at the Church of the Purification
FBT at the Church of the Purification


The Church of the Purification, located in the town of Pacense de Almendralejo needed to upgrade in sound quality and get a crystal clear sound around the perimeter of the church. Magnetron, FBT’s distributor in Spain together with their dealer Almendralejo Sound did not hesitate to undertake the challenge with FBT.


6 x FBT VERTUS CLA604 speaker columns in white were installed, to preserve the aesthetics of the church and thereby distribute the sound evenly for every single corner of it.
At the rear, 2 x FBT J5 speakers, also in white, allowing to a massive influx of people, the far side also have the right level of sound pressure.
The installation was set at 100 V line with FBT multi-channel power amplifiers.
The great height of the church, its dimensions and the reverberations of sound that occur within it caused naturally by the vaults, have not been a problem for the sound processor FBT model DMM 8008, one of the key products of audio installation, as each and all of the signals from each of the microphones is processed correctly to then adjust the acoustic parameters and give the signal delays to each of the acoustic columns FBT scattered throughout the church.
The sound is crystal clear throughout the church, the sound pressure level the same in each of its corners, and the word is heard intelligibly from anywhere with it.