Zhongyuan Fu Tower, Zhengzhou, China

Zhongyuan Fu Tower is situated in Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan in China

Zhongyuan Fu Tower is situated in Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan in China.  The tower occupies 141 hectares with a construction area of 58,000 and incurs a total investment amount of 836 million Yuan.  The height of the tower is 388 meters and is the tallest steel tower in the world.  It is also considered to be a landmark of the province with integrated function of TV signal transmission tower, tourist attractions as well as educational and cultural centre.


The Gallery “Splendid Central Plains” located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the tower has been recognized in the “Guinness World Records” as the largest panoramic painting in the world. This mammoth artwork is 18 meters high, 164 meters long, 3012 large with a surface modeling area of 2,200 mq.

Although the gallery emphasizes on visual effect of the panoramic painting, the quality requirement for sound system has never been compromised. The management highly believes that only if quality audio system is used together, the audio-visual effect can be optimized. 


Therefore, they sent specialists to similar installations in other part of the world to study what sound system should be used.  After a series of research, a few top American and European brands were chosen for second-round evaluation under the simulated environment of the gallery to be constructed and the same sound source by sound experts.

Eventually FBT Verve series speakers were opted for the project.  The management of the gallery and most experts agreed that “Verve offered outstanding performance at competitive prices.  When the sound level was properly set, Verve presented high clarity for speech and amazing presence and excellent transparency at high frequency for music. The midrange presentation was sweet and natural. Singers’ voices and musical instruments could be reproduced with high degree of realism. The bass presentation was strong enough and with clear definition, strong punch from drums could be reproduced perfectly impressing the audience”. 


After 3 years of construction, the 101-storey Zhongyuan Fu Tower was finally opened in February, 2011.  On the third and fourth storey of the tower is the gallery of the panoramic painting.  The painting provides a detailed portrayal of Henan's historical heritage and natural scenery covering 18 cities.  It presents the past, present and future of the Central China and is a grand picture full of creativity, innovation and sentiment.  With sophisticated sound from FBT Verve speakers, light and electronic techniques, the panorama's figures and landscapes come to life with dynamic movement that deeply impress every visitor.

The sound system used in the gallery of the panoramic painting comprises the following:


FBT Verve 152

2-way speaker     

x 26 pcs


18” Sub-woofer 

x 6 pcs

FBT Verve 8M 

Monitor speaker 

x 2 pcs

FBT Symbol 12000 

Powered amplifier 

x 6 pcs

FBT Symbol 18000                

Powered amplifier 

x 2 pcs


Speaker management processor 

x 4 pcs


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